Residential Treatment - Hickory House Recovery

Residential Treatment

Currently, we are not taking admissions for our inpatient program while our facility (The Chateau) is undergoing renovations to keep our space fresh and up-to-date. At Hickory House Recovery, we are committed to providing high-quality care in a comfortable environment to support our patients as they begin their recovery journeys. Inpatient programming will resume in November of 2023. Please note that our outpatient (IOP) schedule will continue without interruption during these renovations. 

Residential Treatment

Residential therapy separates the person with substance use disorder from the environment that allows him or her to use drugs, and teaches new habits and skills for a lifetime of sober living.

With Residential Treatment, you will reside full-time for at least 30 days at our residence called The Chateau. This spacious and well-appointed home provides space for recreation and relaxation.

Our team creates comprehensive, creative and customized treatment plans for each client. We work holistically, focusing on the mind-body connection to help our clients create an authentic and meaningful life of recovery.